Tutorial : IBM MQ Distributed Queueing and Triggering in Linux Environment

This is a tutorial session on IBM WebSphere MQ Distributed Queuing and Triggering in Mint / Ubuntu Linux Environment. The tutorial is split into two parts.

Part 1 : Installation of IBM MQ v9.0 trial version on Mint / Ubuntu / Debian Linux and creation of Queue managers.

Part 2: Continues with the same Linux installation of Part 1, and further demonstrates key concepts such as MQ Listener, MQ Sender & Receiver channels, MQ Local queues, alias queues, remote queues, transmission queues, inititiation queues, dead letter queues, MQ channel initiator, MQ Triggering, Trigger monitoring, etc.

The links to the video are given below.

Part 1 Video :

Part 2 Video:



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